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November 25, 2008

Multiple shemales gangbanging guys at TSSeduction!

What’s better than to suck one shemale cock?

To suck several shemale cocks of course! I guess all the dominant shemale lovers have the fantasy to be fucked by a gang of horny shemales rank pretty high in their favorite fantasies! And we’re quite lucky because TSSeduction is featuring this kind of action quite often. Not just one scene every once in a while, but in the recent months about half of the updates featured guys being the fucktoy of a group of two to four shemales. The “poor” guys only have two holes to please their hosts but they do as much as they can to suck, lick, jerk off and take in the ass as many cocks as they can and the action is burning hot…

The shemale performers in the scenes are all pretty known shemale models already: Natassia Dream, Jessica Host, Yasmine Lee, Jesse Flores, Ariel Everitts and a couple more. I don’t know if they’re bound and prevented to fuck/masturbate for weeks before the scenes, or given a bonus for the quantity of cum they pour on/into their slaves, but hardly ever in porn scenes I’ve seen shemales so horny… Or maybe it’s just the competition between them… Go figure… Well, all what matters to us is that these scenes are definately a must-see for all of us who love to watch dominant shemales abusing male sex-slaves.

Ok, enough about my opinion, make up your mind by yourself with this pictures and don’t forget to check the trailers on the site tour! :-)

The following scene with Natassia Dream and Yasmine Lee features “only” two shemales, but make sure you don’t miss it! :-)

Come download these scene movie trailers here!

May 21, 2008

Carmen Cruz giving a lucky dude a good mouthful of shemale cock

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It’s been a little while now that I last blogged about TSSeduction, so it’s high time I post more samples from this site….

Carmen Cruz had already made a couple scenes for them already, but this last one is most definately the hottest she has ever done in my opinion! The poor guy (well, poor… :-) ) first gets insulted, whipped, fed with shecock, spanked and finally getting a hard cock in his ass. Just before to penetrate his ass, Carmen gave him a good ass riming and that part of the scene was extremely hot IMHO… It’s not often in shemale movies that we see this.

Don’t worry: the cock-sucking part is the bulk of the scene, but the whole movie is great! Here are a couple clips and 5 pictures for you to drool on! :-)

Shemale Carmen Cruz at TSSeduction

Shemale Carmen Cruz at TSSeduction

Ok, now the pictures :-)

Is it just me or is Carmen Cruz getting hotter and hotter each time she makes a new scene?

Shemale Carmen Cruz getting a blowjob Shemale Carmen Cruz getting a blowjob Carmen Cruz Carmen Cruz Carmen Cruz

December 2, 2007

Holly Sweet totally dominating her slave at TSSeduction

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Even if you’re new to “shemales”, I’m pretty sure you know who is Holly Sweet already.

This petite blonde is not only one of the most busty shemale pornstar (on par with Allanah Starr), but she also is a great dominatrix! Holly Sweet already made some domination scenes, but this one she just did for TSSeduction is insanely great!

During the whole scene, the guy have to obey to mistress Holly Sweet’s very command. Cocksucking, getting bound, getting a facial at the end, Holly’s toyboy gets the whole thing… The video is 52 minute-long! And it comes with 258 HQ pictures… This scene will most definately remain famous in the shemale porn history; remember you heard about it first guys! :-)

Ok, time for the treats, and this time you’re getting 2 free clips! Do you feel spoilt rotten already? :-D



Pretty neat, huh? While I’m around let me add some HQ pictures I got from the same scene:

Holly Sweet getting a blowjob at TSSeduction Holly Sweet at TSSeduction

And now only that guy got way more than his share of shecock sucking, but he also got a blowjob and a good ass-pounding as a reward for his good blowjob. Mistress Holly Sweet definately knows how to reward her toyboys :-)

Holly Sweet at TSSeduction Holly Sweet at TSSeduction

Come download this full scene here!

September 26, 2007

Mia Isabella getting her cock sucked on at TSSeduction !

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I’ve already featured TSSeduction once here, but as this is the best site centered on our fantasy (guys who love sucking shemale cock) I definately can show more samples from that site! ;-)

TSSeduction scenes are all featuring one (or two) shemale beauties enslaving an unsuspecting straight male who will get to try what it’s like to suck a shemale love lollipop and to offer them his tight little hole. All the scenes from TSSeduction are very good HQ videos, with the matching pictorials, and we can clearly tell the performers (both the guy and the shemale) enjoy themselves. So far TSSeduction is my best source of wanking material! :-P

Their lastest host is Mia Isabella; I’m sure you’ve already seen some pictures of this black petite shemale with a 10 inch cock. Here’s the scene description along with some picture samples:
Mia Isabella might look sweet and innocent but looks can be deceiving. Don’t let her fool you, under her short skirt she is packing a HUGE cock. Eddy takes the largest shemale dick he has ever seen. Mia pushes it deep down his throat before putting it in Eddys tight ass. Mia is so fucking HOT and Eddy gets so turned on when she cums on him that he cums twice…

Mia Isabella at TSSeduction Mia Isabella at TSSeduction Mia Isabella at TSSeduction Mia Isabella at TSSeduction

Mia Isabella and her 10 inch cock Mia Isabella and her 10 inch cock Mia Isabella and her 10 inch cock Mia Isabella and her 10 inch cock

And so that you believe me on the “10 inch” part, here’s a short clip from the scene where Mia Isabelle inserts her dick in her slave’s mouth…

Mia Isabella getting her shecock sucked on (video)

Come watch shemale cocksucking pictures at TS Seduction!

May 31, 2007

Mistress Soleli seducing a straight guy and getting him to blow her

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TS Seduction is a brand new site that opened its doors early this month; it’s not specifically targeting to shemale cock-sucking, but it’s nearly better!

In each scene a shemale performer (No less than Danielle Foxxx, Gia Darling among others) get to give a lucky guy his very first time with a shemale! The videos are of great quality and the guys really seem to have a blast. Well, then again who wouldn’t want to take turns at dick sucking with Gia or Danielle? Since both are quite known already here are some sample pics of one of the scene featuring a beautiful black shemale named ‘Mistress Soleli’. It’s the first time I see her, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see her a lot more in the future. She has a real talent to give innocent straight males a big mouthful of her cock and she’s already one of my favorite black shemales!

Anyway enough bable and let’s enjoy some pics and be sure to visit their preview area, there are some gems for shemale cock-sucking fans there! :-)

Mistress Soleli Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction

Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction

Mis Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction

Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction

Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction Mistress Soleli from TSSeduction

Come watch more samples on TS Seduction!