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May 13, 2008

Shemale cocksucking fest at!

When it comes to shemale cock-sucking, I could basically identify two kind of sites: Those which have a fetish twist, usually by having the shemales dominating the males (TSSeduction, TranSexDomination, ShemaleRevenge or ShemaleDommes) and the others where the shecock sucking is just a part of the “normal porn action”.

I’m personaly a fan of BDSM action where a shemale (or several :-) ) dominate a male slave and force feed him with more than his share of shecock, but I know it’s a bit too hardcore for some of you. If you’re one of those, you’re gonna love this post! :-)

ShemalesFromHell has always been featuring shemale cock sucking quite heavily in its pics and videos, but it seems they’re now featuring that kind of action more than ever! And what’s even better: the video scenes are split into smaller clips for easier downloading, but while most site cut by slices of (say 5 minutes), ShemalesFromHell make a clip for each type of action… so for a given scene, you can download only the part where the guy sucks the chick or only the part when the guy gets topped or only the final climax… It’s the first time I’ve noticed this and I don’t think any other site is doing that.

It may sound silly, but it’s great to be able to only download and keep our favorite part of the scenes without having to buy a new harddisk every month :-)

Anyways, here’s the much awaited samples, enjoy!

geovanna_ricardo035.jpg Geovanna Secret geovanna_ricardo075.jpg geovanna_ricardo087.jpg

adriana_aline042.jpg Adriana Rodrigues and Aline Ganzarolli Adriana Rodrigues and Aline Ganzarolli

gabryelly_thiago036.jpg gabryelly_thiago053.jpg kananda_guy061.jpg karen_andre_renzo073.jpg sheila_bruno042.jpg

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