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September 23, 2009

TSKink: more innocent males molested by dominant shemales

It’s always great news when a new site featuring shemale domination opens,  and it’s an even better piece of news when the content is great, when the models are well know dominant chick like Jesse Flores or Carla Novaes.

I have to admit: the concept isn’t very new, but I think that as dominant shemales fans, we just can’t get enough of this kind of action… TSKink features scenes with Brazilian shemale superstars…

TSKink Carla Novaes TSKink Carla Novaes TSKink Carla Novaes

…but there are also many scenes with all american shemales like Jesse Flores, and of course, like on any good shemale domination site, there are hung black shemales like Natalia Coxxx who seem to enjoy very much to rip appart the white males they’ve been given as fuck toys…

Are you already not reading this anymore and already looking at pictures? *sigh* ok then… let’s look at the pics then :-P :-P

I’m not sure if I already had seen this babe anywhere, but her name is Nicolly Navarro… Just imagine the damage her cock would do should she decided to fuck your lil’hole… :-D

November 25, 2008

Multiple shemales gangbanging guys at TSSeduction!

What’s better than to suck one shemale cock?

To suck several shemale cocks of course! I guess all the dominant shemale lovers have the fantasy to be fucked by a gang of horny shemales rank pretty high in their favorite fantasies! And we’re quite lucky because TSSeduction is featuring this kind of action quite often. Not just one scene every once in a while, but in the recent months about half of the updates featured guys being the fucktoy of a group of two to four shemales. The “poor” guys only have two holes to please their hosts but they do as much as they can to suck, lick, jerk off and take in the ass as many cocks as they can and the action is burning hot…

The shemale performers in the scenes are all pretty known shemale models already: Natassia Dream, Jessica Host, Yasmine Lee, Jesse Flores, Ariel Everitts and a couple more. I don’t know if they’re bound and prevented to fuck/masturbate for weeks before the scenes, or given a bonus for the quantity of cum they pour on/into their slaves, but hardly ever in porn scenes I’ve seen shemales so horny… Or maybe it’s just the competition between them… Go figure… Well, all what matters to us is that these scenes are definately a must-see for all of us who love to watch dominant shemales abusing male sex-slaves.

Ok, enough about my opinion, make up your mind by yourself with this pictures and don’t forget to check the trailers on the site tour! :-)

The following scene with Natassia Dream and Yasmine Lee features “only” two shemales, but make sure you don’t miss it! :-)

Come download these scene movie trailers here!

October 29, 2008

More dominant shemales at!

It’s been some time since I least talked about TranSexDomination here!…

Well, as it happens this site is not only one of the very few that holds its provises, but the updates are very frequent (about twice a week), each time with a high-profile shemale model using a guy as a sex-slave… In the most recent updatest, we saw Ariel Everitts, Jesse Flores, Mistress Lovely, and a few more amazing shemale models that I’m sure you’d love to be able to service one day…

I’m currently quite busy with my “offline life”, but I’m sure you’ll love the pictures below even if this post is a bit short… just make sure you also visit TSD’s tour to download and save the free pictures they have on their tour! :-D

Come visit TranSexDomination and admire more dominant shemales!