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February 18, 2008

Shemale+Guy+Shemale = Shemale Sandwich

If I ask you what’s better than getting fucked by a hot shemale, the only sensible answer would of course be “Getting fucked by TWO shemales!”.

Well, this is precisely what the lastest site I’ve discovered is about! Its name pretty much says it all: “Shemale Sandwich”. All scenes feature a guy being the ham and 2 hot shemales behind the bread slices :-)

I can’t really say this site is about domination, but as you can expect with 2 horny shemales in the same bed than a guy, he’d better be ready to please them! This site, while being quite new, already contains enough scenes to keep you and your fantasies awake for quite a few hours… I also very much loved the fact that most of the shemale performers were known shemale pornstars: Carla Renata, Sabrina Di Paula, Thays Shiavinato, Yris Schmit, etc…

Of course, ShemaleSandwich isn’t only about shecock sucking… The lucky guys get their asses pounded for good, but not until they got their share of shecocks down their throats! And if you love to watch guys getting facialized with shemale cum, look no further! ;-)

And just to prove you I’m not kidding, here are some sample pictures from 2 scenes (click on the link below the pics to download the movie trailers from the site preview)…

Sabrina di Paula and Thays Shiavinato playing with a guy:

Shemale Sandwich Shemale Sandwich

Shemale Sandwich Shemale Sandwich Shemale Sandwich

Yris Schmit and Carla Renata abusing their toyboy:

ShemaleSandwich ShemaleSandwich ShemaleSandwich Shemale Sandwitch Shemale Sandwitch

August 21, 2007

ShemaleWeddings: You may now suck the bride!

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How many of you have already dreamt of being maried to a beautiful shemale; and while nobody else but you could know your wife is a shemale, you’d get your share of shemale dick sucking and ass pounding every evening?

Well, I guess every shemale fan got this fantasy one day or another… Plus, aren’t chicks lovely in their wedding dresses? Their only aim that day is to look at their best for the man of their life! Wouldn’t that deserve the best cocksucking on their love lollipop?

So? Are you ready to serve your bride with both of your holes?

ShemaleWeddings is a video-oriented site, so instead of the usual pictures here are video screenshots, but I think they are worth a thousand words.

Shemale Brides Shemale Brides Shemale Brides Shemale Brides

Shemale Brides Shemale Bride Cocksucking Shemale Bride Cocksucking Shemale Bride Cocksucking

Shemale Bride Cocksucking Shemale Bride Cocksucking Shemale Bride Thays Shiavinato Shemale Bride Thays Shiavinato

By the way, I’ve only selected the screenshots where the groom is getting a mouthful of shemale bride cock, but the lucky bastards always get full action in both holes :-)

But since I don’t think I’ll manage do please you with only screenshots from videos, here are two short video clips from this site (which you should expect to be featured often here in the future). Now please excuse me while I go “enjoy” the other videos of this fine site… (sorry, but it’s not every day that a site fulfilling my shemale fantasies get released! :-P )

Shemale Bride Thays Shiavinato movie

Shemale Bride Cocksucking

Watch more grooms sucking the shemale bride’s shecock here!